Andrew Sklar

The love child of Jack Black, John Belushi, and Robin Williams, Andrew Sklar has been entertaining the masses since he was a wee lad.


Born in a small town in Long Island, New York, Sklar was raised by ruthless heavy-metal Monks who, for some odd reason, involved him in community theatre, where he found that he was blessed by the old gods to bring laughter and rock to the people.

Sklar picked up a guitar when he was 14 and taught himself how to play. With this new skill, he began writing music, heavily inspired by the greatest rockers from the 70’s and 80’s. He started molding his talent for music and on the spot comedy into a controllable entity - One which he has used to collaborate with a variety of other artists.

Performing as the front man for numerous bands covering countless genres, Sklar has traveled the lands playing for a wide array of different venues to sold out crowds. Getting much of his inspiration from Jack Black and Ronnie James Dio, Sklar carries the legacy of Rock and Roll with him as he continues to pave the untamed American wildlands into a Whitesnake music video.

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To book Andrew Sklar for your venue, festival, or event, please contact: Creative Direction Artist Management.

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