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Michael Gabriel is a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter with an orchestral concert series. With his original story-telling and emotionally fluid material, intricate choir arrangements, and a gifted orchestral ensemble, the ‘Strings Attached’ live experience has become: “...a breathtaking coming together of sound."  - Marielle Julian, Velvet Rope Magazine.


For extensive press articles and further info about the series, visit the official Strings Attached page here.

Michael, the ensemble, and his management team are currently seeking concert hall venues that will effectively showcase this orchestral event in domestic, international and overseas locations.

For more information, including pricing and touring availability, please contact: Creative Direction Artist Management.


Booking Options for Michael Gabriel ‘Strings Attached’

Original Core Ensemble Performance

Michael will arrive with his core ensemble, consisting of a 3-part string section and pianist to perform an intimate and powerful concert. This ensemble is how ‘Strings Attached’ was first premiered. With string driven ballads, uptempo pop tunes and intimate solo performances, this line-up delivers a well-rounded, melodic and riveting concert experience.



“Simply honest and inspiring music.”

-  Alison Lohman – Actress (White Oleander, Big Fish)



“…everything is integrated in beautiful harmony, tipping hats at each other's melodies."

- Terre Chartrand, Urbanely Urban


Community Outreach program

This option includes the material and ensemble mentioned above with the addition of an expanded string section and/or choral backing from the community, making the show a naturally larger scaled production.

What makes this outreach program unique is the multi-layered community building approach. Firstly, ‘Strings Attached’ is designed to integrate local choirs, string sections and/or guest musicians with its core ensemble members. This creates a unique and professional concert experience with every show, while still maintaining the orchestral flow and format.

All of the string scores and choir arrangements are sent to the local performers in advance to expedite the rehearsal process. As a result, two rehearsals are required with each participating organization. This allows the 'Strings Attached' production to have a consistent touring schedule while spending one to two weeks in your city with the outreach program.

Secondly, partnering with libraries and other communal hubs for preview events is an integral part of the series. Michael performs free intimate solo concerts and/or workshops in the surrounding communities and in the city where the main event takes place. During these events, tickets are both given away and sold for the upcoming production.

Lastly, his outreach program strives to leave a lasting musical impression and provide a tangible contribution for local charities. Partial concert proceeds are donated to a charity that has roots in the community.


‘Strings Attached’ with a Pops Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra and/or String Ensemble

Partnering with a professional orchestra to accommodate a full and multi-textured string section with additional featured instruments is exactly how these songs were made to be heard.

Material will be sent to your orchestra or string ensemble well in advance to prepare for the performance.  Cello, viola and violin scores, with piano charts and mp3s will be part of the package sent.  If there is not a piano player associated with the organization, Michael will bring a pianist.  Michael will arrive several days before the show to work with the musicians for two rehearsals.

Involving flute, stand-up bass and percussion is an additional option for some of the songs but not required.  Working with a local professional choir for this booking is also a possibility that can be discussed when inquiring and/or booking.

“It was like being at our own personal concert that we never wanted to end.”
— - Mark Neveldine – Director, Writer & Producer (Crank 1 & 2, Ghost Rider 2)

Promotion and Publicity

‘Strings Attached’ is a brand that has been building in Canada and the US over the last five years. Michael has received a lot of press since this show was launched and continues to accumulate favorable press in the cities he visits.

The marketing plan is implemented by a highly skilled design team, creating brand/logo consistent signage and press releases while maintaining informative and up-to-date websites. His involvement with local organizations allows aggressive cross-promoting on social media to be quite effective. Applicable media contacts, including radio and TV, will receive a press release and a request for an article or appearance.

For booking and inquiries, please contact: Creative Direction Artist Management.

“Michael Gabriel is simply an incredible songwriter and one helluva vocalist.”
— Carrie Humphries – Echo Magazine


Full Biography


Michael Gabriel trained and performed as a classical singer in Vancouver, B.C. He has been the lead singer in original bands in both Canada and the United States. After releasing two solo EP's ‘Open to the Moment’ & ‘Places Along the Way’, he toured with his classical guitar across Canada.

For the 2007 Canadian National Tour, he traveled for eight months from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast and many places in-between. During the tour, he performed solo (guitar & vocals) songs from the debut full-length album: ‘The Certainty of Change’ and showcased new material. Michael dedicated part of his 2007 tour to spreading awareness about children in developing countries and he continues with this message today. Toward the end of the Canadian National Tour (while on the road), he recorded a new album: ‘In This Together’. The 12-song album was recorded with classical guitar and vocals.

With the start of 2008, he performed live to promote the new CD and the debut album. In March, an opportunity came up to work with Lakeshore Records on an EP. Michael recorded a total of 4 songs at Tiger Mountain Studios in Los Angeles. The EP was named: ‘Southern California Sessions’ and was released online and on CD. A music video was made for the single - ‘Angel Wings’. Following the release, Michael had several interviews/live performances for radio stations and the track received notable air-play in Ontario. Several live solo performance videos were also recorded and posted.

For 2009, Michael focused on both radio air-play for ‘Angel Wings’, live performances in Canada, and international bookings. He performed solo and began working with a cellist, pianist, and a drummer.

In 2010, Michael continued to perform solo and introduced piano and cello to the live shows. He also recorded and released another full band single called ‘Penelope Rose’ that would eventually be part of ‘The Discovery’. This CD was released in late 2010 and marked his third LP. It consists of 14 solo tracks and one full band song.

The end of 2010 was punctuated by a cross Canada adventure. It involved Michael performing solo on the trans-continental VIA Rail train from Toronto to Vancouver and back.

MG Guitar with Orchestra.jpg


For 2011, Michael prepared to launch the ‘Strings Attached’ concert series: "...Gabriel criss-crossed this country for the past decade mostly with just his guitar in tow and now wants the music he plays to be heard the way he envisioned it." -COVER STORY Bob Klanac - Scene Magazine. With tremendous support from the public and the media - the premier was a success! Michael performed with a pianist, cellist, violist and violinist, to a full room at The Aeolian Hall in London, ON. and received a standing ovation.


For the rest of 2011, ‘Strings Attached’ evolved to adapt an elaborate light show to correspond with the symphonic movements in Michael’s original story-telling and emotionally fluid material, intricate choir arrangements, and a gifted orchestral ensemble, to create: “...a breathtaking coming together of sound." - Marielle Julian, Velvet Rope Magazine

In the first quarter of 2012 ‘Strings Attached’ performed their fourth concert in Kitchener, Ontario. To take the series one step further – choral parts were arranged for the ‘Shade of Blue’ youth choir to premiere this latest edition of the series. On that special night in February, not only did the show succeed but all the performers truly gelled during this live concert recording to inspire and set into motion the next full length recording.

In May 2012, the noticeably expanded ensemble not only returned to The Aeolian with the London based Mysterium youth choir, but the concert doubled as the official CD release party for ‘Strings Attached’ LIVE.

From 2012 to 2014, he spent time in LA to focus on songwriting, performing live and bringing ‘Strings Attached’ to new audiences. He enjoyed several residency gigs in Southern California from roof tops in Venice to patios in Culver City to saloons in the High Desert. During that time - Michael recorded and released the EP ‘A Sliver of the Sun’.

The last production of ‘Strings Attached’ was performed at the Cambridge Community Players Theatre in October 2014. Michael united with his string section and pianist as they welcomed St. Benedict youth choir and The Hoot adult choir to the stage. The show was extensively covered and supported by the press and the community. (See Article from The Record). The production initiated a prosperous relationship with Cambridge Community Players - resulting in three more productions in 2015.

For 2015, bookings for ‘Strings Attached’ extend to October and cover several Southern Ontario cities. Michael continues to bring new material to each show and include local choirs and opening acts to make every concert a unique experience.


Michael, the ensemble, and his management team are currently booking and seeking concert hall venues that will effectively showcase and accommodate this orchestral event in domestic and international locations.

For additional residency or touring information, please contact: Creative Direction Artist Management.